Wednesday, February 28, 2007

before and after...

before his first haircut.......

we waited for so long to cut his hair because it took sooo long for him to GET hair! then once he did, all of a sudden it got long in weird places. then it got dreamily curly. one of my favorite things to do is to kiss his soft little curls. so i was reluctant to cut his hair for fear i would be cutting off those beautiful curls. but no. they are still there. in fact, maybe more so! he looks like a little cherub now :)

then, we have a couple layouts i did yesterday. the one above is an effer dare (see link on yesterdays post) to use both a b&w photo and color photo in the same layout. i was skeptical, but i'm so in love with the results. i will definitely be doing this more!! yep!

i love heidi swapp tape! love, love, love it! so easy to use, and so stinkin' cute. adds that extra little touch of awesomeness to a layout! don't you think? i'll be doing tons more beach pics cause i'm at that time frame. i scrap in order, for the most part. now i'm on to my photos from last Oct. don't get me wrong....that's not to say i've scrapped all my photos up to that point!! oh heck no! i still have to go back a few years and scrap those. i guess my system is pretty random. i'm always looking to improve on it!
lots of wednesday love to ya!

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Deborah and Sally said...

I did the exact same thing with my sons (2) hair.
He just had the prettiest ringlet curls (blond hair) and I let it grow pretty long, until one day someone said " oh what a beautiful little girl," then I knew it was time for a hair cut. Oh course, I saved a couple of his ringlets :)