Friday, November 20, 2009

california adventure

my mom gave me a glorious opportunity to go out to california and help celebrate her birthday with her.
just me. no kids.
believe it or not, i almost didn't go because i was a bit nervous about the travel being so far along in my pregnancy.
but then i thought, take this opportunity and RUN! this may be the last "me" trip in a very long time.
so off i went!

i divided my time between staying with my mom in san jose, and staying with my sister in san francisco. she lives two blocks from fishermans wharf, and two blocks from north beach. perfectly dreamy situation as far as i'm concerned!!

due to my large belly, i wasn't able to walk/sightsee as much as i would have wanted, but i did manage to visit a few of my favorite "haunts".
boudin bakery. sigh. i am a sourdough bread girl through and through. and bread has been a serious craving throughout this pregnancy (am i right or am i right, stephan??). i enjoyed every last bite of the delicious clam chowder served up in a lovely sourdough bread bowl. yum.

trader joes. okay, yes it may just be a grocery store to some, but when you have to live without one (here in colorado) and you get the opportunity to shop at take it, as much as possible!!!
i wonder if they would ship those yummy green juice drinks to me? i miss them so....

now for the party.
it was sooo beautiful! my mom has an amazing group of women in her life, and sitting there talking, celebrating, just being together was definitely a highlight of my trip.
nichole and i decorated. my moms girlfriend catered the affair with the most delicious faire. i wish i had gotten more pictures of the food and the company.
it was absolutely delightful in every way!

(man, i'm huge!!!! doesn't help that i'm standing next to my skinny-mini mom and sister)

yes, i had to do the token 'heart on the belly' pregnancy shot. it's done by virtually every pregnant women in the free world, but it's a shot i've been waiting to do (and i think earned) for a while.

isn't this cake heaven??? and the taste...ahhh the taste....i have dreams about this delicious cake. it was amAZing!

thank you mom and nichole for a beautiful trip. i love you so much, and am so totally thankful that you made it possible for me to be with you this past weekend!