Thursday, March 27, 2008

let the scrapping begin!

a couple of things motivated me:
1. hobby lobby had almost all their scrapbook stuff on sale for 50% off
2. i scooped up these adorable products...a paper pack by elsie (love her!!) and impossibly adorable stamps and a few other things
3. my scrap space is somewhat workable. i found the main products i need to do a page or two

i love my ribbon jars...they make me so happy. the colors, the patterns, the candy store appeal of them sitting in their cute jars waiting to adorn a page or card. happiness every time!!

my scanner is not hooked up (i can't find the software, so it might be awhile). but that won't stop me from posting my pages! it just might make it harder for you to really see them. sorry.
came across this jem of a pic of me and my sis from 1986. love the hair, love the dress up clothing, love everything about it. it begged to be scrapped!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


so yesterday as i was making lunch, noah runs into the kitchen yelling, "oh no mom, teddy is on the couch!". we don't allow either one of the dogs on the couch, and they know that. i guess teddy just decided to push his luck. of course he looked so cute that i had to take a picture. then proceded to tell him to get off the couch. he begrudgingly did.

pregnancy update:

i am 16 weeks
still don't know what i'm having
preference? yes. i do want a girl but four boys would be cool too.
stephan has been referring to the baby as kaight. he wants a girl too.
craving of the moment: salad
no more sickness! whew.
i have a baby bump, but underneath clothing it's hard for others to see :(
too small for maternity clothes....too big for regular clothes...i just feel fat at this point
i can tell i am 34 and not 24
i am loving every moment of this pregnancy!!

then i thought i would post a before shot of the basement, or my little area of it. this will be my "studio" corner. i've already started working on it. i cannot wait to get in there are start scrapping and sewing again!!!! i can't remember when i've missed it so much. my creative juices are overflowing and need an outlet.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

easter bounty

we were certainly blessed this easter season. there have almost too many blessings to count, and i am truly thankful! but it's the simple things that i love. like new spring buds. such a beautiful little reminder of the season!

but if you're a kid, this a much better sign of the season: CANDY!!

every year i make a bunny cake for easter dinner. this year was no exception, however i did use a spice cake mix instead of the ordinary yellow mix. it was good, but for this gal yellow is best.


and of course...glorious easter dinner. another occasion to over eat happily.

sign of the times: a family gathered around a mac laptop to watch a movie downloaded from itunes.

Monday, March 24, 2008

busy weekend!

whew! this weekend has been a whirlwind..truly. lets mom was here, then friday was an easter egg hunt, then saturday was stephans birthday and his first time through the temple, oh then of course sunday was easter. yikes! but lots of photo ops and i did take advantage when i could.

noah had his first soccer game on saturday morning. man was it cute! all those little dudes running around somewhat aimlessly. they are just happy to be running and being cheered on. all that running tired noah out a bit and the goal post looked like a good place to kick it.

noah and his bud logan.

Friday, March 21, 2008

a necessary evil....computers!

oh my goodness!! can i just say that if there was a skill i desparetely want to possess it would be computer savvyness. i recently purchased an external harddrive, due to the fact that i have a bazhillion pictures on my many that my system was WAY bogged down! well, my computer savvy sister in law recommended that i get an external hard drive to help. sounds simple enough, and wonderful too. i mean, hellllooo being able to carry around ALL my music, picture and word files in the palm of my hand...brilliant!! i tried putting pics that i took today onto my spiffy new device and just about had a heartattack when i found that they weren't there. not only were they not on the hard drive, but they were no longer on my camera. after about 45 minutes of panicky searching i did find that they were in a file on the computers hard drive. sigh. what the heck am i doing wrong???? i seriously need a nap after all this. for reals!
but, alas, here are a few pictures of our new house. i kind of have issues posting these because my house isn't as cutsied up as i would like. in fact it's very much still in boxes and dissaray. but i thought before and after pics would be interesting. and at least you can see the paint colors and my BRAND spankin' new appliances!!!!!!!!!! my heart skips a beat every time i use one of them. i am smitten.

true, it's kind of hard to see the appliances tucked into the mess of our kitchen, but if you squint and maybe turn your head a bit they are there!

my chocolate brown living room. nay sayers said it would be too dark, but the living room is bathed in sunlight all the live long day. you almost needed sunglasses to walk into it. not anymore! problem solved!

dining room ceiling fan. ahhh...i sort of feel like i'm in a trendy cafe when i sit at my table now.

oh look....there they are!! the gas stove and fridge!! see them! eventually a hood system will hover over the stove. eventually.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

been awhile...

it has seriously been a MONTH since i've posted anything!!! quite a while for sure, but i have been without internet service for a big chunk of that time. we are moved into OUR new, well, new to us, house. i have been so insanely busy painting, cleaning, moving, packing, etc.... i am ready for this move to be done! i want to post pictures, and i will, but i have to get my adobe back up and running and then download some of the pics i've taken. soon though. very soon. i am bursting with excitement to show you the changes!!! this is the first house i've ever owned and we are definitely putting our stamp on it!