Sunday, April 29, 2012

highlights from instagram

enjoying a yummy diet coke concoction at noodles & co.
enjoying his beverage of choice...chocolate milk.

date night!

ashton with his buddies enjoying a snack at noahs baseball game.

my date to the hunger games last month.

ben and ellie goofing around after mutual.

de-constructed bracelet. i started out with the leather and added all the middle eye candy

j.crew inspiration. they have the best stylists!

sunday morning outfit. when i asked him what it was he said "you know, that guy from the Lorax"

 blogger has changed it's format, and rather than taking the tour to figure it out, i am stumbling my way through it. so forgive me if this post is a bit jumbled, discombobulated or otherwise a total mess. i haven't been very diligent at being the family photographer lately. i blame my iphone and laziness. but to make up for a total lack of documentation, i submit some instagram moments.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

visitors from SF

so, here's the thing....having two separate blogs is great. if you are a good, diligent blogger. obviously i am not. so, i think i will be combining my family posts back into this blog. so hard to know what to do....

in march we had some special sister and her boyfriend. i love it when they come to town, we always have a blast and LAUGH. man that girl makes me laugh!

here we are in our matchy match t-shirts she bought us at the hammond candy factory. (note: we are not matchy match kind of gals, but we both went for the same color and then of course, needed a picture)

we had lunch at the cherry cricket. an eating establishment in the cherry creek area of denver. the wait was crazy long, and everyone i've talked to about it says it's worth it.
my review: was so so.
can't wait for our next visit...i miss this girl!!!