Monday, December 13, 2010

homemade pumpkin ricotta ravioli

pasta is a passion of mine! so anytime i can get my talented husband to make it for me is a good and happy day.
yesterday he made a pumpkin ricotta filling wrapped in an herb pasta dough. (i apologize i don't have a recipe to share. he doesn't follow one, he just invents as he goes. but if anyone wants it he i could probably get him to remember) now if anyone is turning their nose up at the idea of pumpkin and ricotta (and a few other yummy savory ingredients), let me just say that all of my kids LOVED it! it was AHH -mazing!

i helped with the forming and cutting of these precious little purses of goodness...

he made a sage butter sauce, and shredded fresh parmesan on top. worth every single luscious calorie!

Friday, December 10, 2010

how about some origami for the holidays?

my latest obsession? origami! i have tried my hand at several different folds with a measure of success.

the peace/long life crane:
(which looks fabulously festive on my eiffel tower, no?)

my visiting teaching sister will be receiving one of these on a pretty ribbon.

the penguin.
(one tough little fellow, i tell you)

a small box.
(a lid can be made too, but i think this little beauty will house some beads)

a bookmark.
(the backside is a full square so it is pretty secure on the page)

i love learning a new craft!! fun and creatively stimulating.

Thursday, December 09, 2010


when stephan and i met there was a song which seemed to perfectly capture our blooming relationship: hanging by a moment by lifehouse. one of our first dates was to a matchbox 20 concert. the opening act was a little known band, lifehouse. and so began my total adoration of their music. their lyrics are beautiful, and they have to ability to continually produce music that inspires. if you haven't listened to their song everything, you must. they aren't a self-professed christian band, but after listening to that song you can't deny that it is at least a little bit about Jesus Christ. to me, it is.
my friend erin invited me to their concert at a small venue. even better than that, was that we were invited to attend a private acoustic concert prior to the show. when i say private, i mean there were only like 15 of us! after that private show we had the opportunity to meet them. they are so genuine. completely down to earth, regular guys.
here i am with the band....beaming:

thank you erin for a unforgettable night with my favorite group!!