Thursday, February 09, 2012

a day in the life - recap

well, i did it. one day really isn't too bad. but believe me, it's a lot. i really wanted to document every aspect of my day. everything. those are the things i find i want to remember most.
so with my tripod, two cameras, journaling throughout the day, and constant attention to the moment i was in, i documented my little heart out.
ali edwards has the process down to a science, and all of the overlays i used can be bought here.
of course, all of this will be compiled into an album, but here is a sampling of what i captured.

one of my journaling sheets that records my day hour by hour:
now to print and create an album. the fun part!

Monday, February 06, 2012

gearing up for "a day in the life"

i love new ways to document and celebrate life. Ali Edwards is really sort of brilliant when it comes to doing this. she is so very inspiring.
this wednesday i will be documenting my entire day. all the little seemingly meaningless things. all the big things. everything. you can get more information and read Ali's method on her blog.

in april 2010 i documented a week in the life. you can read my journey here.

i've posted a small sample of my documentation...

does anyone want to join me??

Saturday, February 04, 2012

quote tag for inspiration

i am teaching this months combined young women lesson. handouts are not necessary when you teach, but making things is kind of my thing.
so i put together this little frame, holder thingy. official technical term. it houses my little handmade quote tag....

here is the basket of handmade goodness for the girls...

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

instagram daily....last day!!

day 31: you - again
so i finished. every single day documented through the instagram daily photo challenge. the last day was to be a photo of yourself. i had just gone to wal-mart and picked up yet another houseplant. i kind of had to. the name was kimberly queen fern. absolutely perfect since i was wearing my crown necklace! it was practically jumping off the shelf at me!
i need a new daily challenge of some sort. any ideas?

this was another moment captured on my phone with instagram. ashton had put on one of dads beanies. he was captivated by yo gabba gabba when i got this shot.