Sunday, April 18, 2010

a week in the life - scrapbook prep

starting tomorrow i will be documenting my life. for a week. every bit of it. then putting it into a scrapbook. i LOVE this idea! ali edwards (a scrapbooker i adore) posted about this on her blog.
she gives an extremely detailed account of the way she plans on documenting her week, which i found very helpful as a good starting off point.
i am not typically one to do "structured" albums, but every now and then it's nice to have it mapped out...fill in the blanks kind of thing. plus, this is one album that will be a favorite of mine and and my posterity. it's the everyday stuff that is most interesting (in my opinion).

so this is what my game plan is:

carry a notebook, camera, and envelope with me everywhere i go. document, document, document. and collect things from the week. things like receipts, menus, mail envelopes, you know, everyday stuff. the notebook is to write down (daily, of course) things of note or interest. even food i eat, chores, funny stories, thoughts.

then (hopefully each night) i will put together six pages for the day. two of those (front and back) will be baseball card page protector, which will hold small photos, ephemera, and a pre-made decorative card.
i will journal with the photos. i haven't figured out the exact format for that - yet.

here are some of the pre-made decorative cards. these will go into three slots of the baseball card protectors (front). i have dated them. the cards for the back aren't done yet.
my goal is to keep this album super simple, following ali's philosophy of sticking to the words and the photos. not a lot of extra's. this is not easy for me...i'm all about the extras. but i really want the stories to speak louder than the "fluff".
so....anyone wanna join me?? i'm super stoked about this one!


Family Valois said...

Oh my gosh, I cannot wait to see!

You really amaze me. How are you doing all of this with a baby? I still can't get anything done, and Paige is 10 months! Wow Kim! You're a super star! :)

siemprelloviendo said...

sounds like a supercool idea

Natalie* said...

so excited to see your week. i would join up but i fear it would turn out much like the ATCs have...