Wednesday, April 14, 2010

simple sewing project update

i mentioned this FABulous book in my last post...

well i have completed a few things. ashton was in dire need of pants. CUTE pants. pants that don't look like pajamas (this really bothered noah...why was he allowed to wear pj's all day and he couldn't??)
so my first project was the simple pants:

and with the cutie scraps i have left i made these:

can't wait to see babykins wearing them with style!


Jandi said...

adorable! Ashton will look so CUTE in these!

MaCa said...

Cute! Are there good projects for baby boys in that book? I have no little girls to make clothes for, two boys and cute patterns for them are hard to find. I just have to make my own... I guess thats what I got a degree in fashion design for. :)

Family Valois said...

You amaze me!