Sunday, December 20, 2009

6 going on 26...

my youngest (for now) little guy turned 6 today. physically, he is 6. mentally, you would swear he was 26. the things he says and does are simply priceless.

one of noahs favorite things to do is dress up. sometimes for play, sometimes just to go out. i have a very small vote in what he leaves the house in. opinionated doesn't even begin to cover it!

so while at barnes and noble one night he saw, and immediately fell in love with a spy kit. included are these super cool spy glasses with mirrors on the inside. also included is a mustache. i foresee a 'stache' trend developing here.

of course when it comes to "noah, look this way so i can get a picture", he is all over it. no pose-promting required.

and he had to pose with his posse.
(yes, he is wearing his's an after-church-sunday-traditon in our house. plus it is his birthday. who am i to argue what he wants to wear to his party??)

i love you dude! you are such a wonderful part of our family and i am so thankful i get to be your mom!! just remember who to give props to when your famous.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

the unknown

we all fear the unknown. to some extent or another.
right now the thing that is completely occupying my mind/life is my pregnancy.
i went in this week for an ultrasound because i was measuring big.
the ultrasound proves that i am 36 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

the ultrasound also showed that my baby is in the breech position. ugh.
this i have feared for many reasons, but mostly because i really don't want to have a c-section.
i've always had normal vaginal births. for the most part they have been pleasant, albeit a little quick...but that's good too, isn't it?
now i have a few things to consider.

option 1: they can try to turn him, externally. painful? yes. a bit risky? yes. a hospital procedure? yes. epidural involved? yes.

option 2: i opt for a c-section. unknown to me? yes. scary? yes. horrendous recovery time? yes.

option 3: i deliver him breech. now i'm not entirely clear as to whether this option will still be on the table in 2 more weeks because of the breech presentation. in some cases or positions, they will not let you deliver breech vaginally. it's too risky to mom and baby. mostly baby.

so i've got some things to consider, ponder and pray about. it's all a bit scary to me. mostly because of the unknown. it's not familiar. of course the most important thing is the health and safety of the baby, so my decision will be based on that.

but's fear of the unknown that's kind of consuming me.

Friday, December 04, 2009

he wants to come for christmas...

throughout this pregnancy i have had a strong feeling that i will NOT make it to my january 24 due date. not by a long shot. i have no particular reason for feeling this way, it's just a feeling.
on tuesday i had a doctors appt. and i measured 2 centimeters ahead of what i should be. the previous appt. i measured 1 centimeter ahead. so, that puts me now at 36 weeks instead of 32. hmm. not a big surprise to me given the feelings i have been having.
tuesday evening i started having regular contractions. like 8 minutes apart contractions. i called the doctor and he told me to go in.
after being hooked up to monitors, an i.v. (which hurt more than any i.v. has a right to because apparently i have "rolly" viens), and poked and proded in many other uncomfortable (understatement) ways, they decided to stop my contractions. with two very painful (like killer beesting painful) shots of something i can't remember or even pronounce. i sent stephan out to get something to eat while the medicine did it's thing. the nurse left me a remote that had a call button and tv controls. a remote that wasn't plugged in. nice. i soon wished i wasn't alone because my pulse was racing. i truly felt like i was going to burst, or have a heartattack, or some other dramatic act. my face felt hot, as did the rest of me. help! when stephan returned he commented on how red i was and i told him how the rest of me felt. we called the nurse and she said, oh, that's a side effect of the medications....sorry i forgot to tell you. umm...yeah...that little piece of information would have been useful for my peace of mind.
after an hour or so more of waiting and feeling like i was coming out of my skin, she came back in and said that i could go home. great. good. just get me out of here, please! while she was taking my i.v. out (almost as painful as when it went in) stephan was texting my sister. laughing all the while because their conversation was apparently hilarious. i'm gritting my teeth and bleeding all over the place. okay, maybe it was only a few drops of blood, but at that moment it might as well have been gushing. and my husband is laughing/texting. sheesh. now i know that he loves me and cares about me. i know this. i'm just saying...
so i get dressed, sign all the documents, get instructions, yeah, yeah, yeah...just let me out of here already. mama needs to EAT! get in the car and screech into the drive-thru of mcdonalds - STAT! i downed that cheeseburger faster than i care to relate. and the large frys. ahem. well, i was pretty much licking that bag for more. all self respect out the window long ago.

we'll see how much longer this little guy will stay in my belly. he really wants out!