Sunday, December 20, 2009

6 going on 26...

my youngest (for now) little guy turned 6 today. physically, he is 6. mentally, you would swear he was 26. the things he says and does are simply priceless.

one of noahs favorite things to do is dress up. sometimes for play, sometimes just to go out. i have a very small vote in what he leaves the house in. opinionated doesn't even begin to cover it!

so while at barnes and noble one night he saw, and immediately fell in love with a spy kit. included are these super cool spy glasses with mirrors on the inside. also included is a mustache. i foresee a 'stache' trend developing here.

of course when it comes to "noah, look this way so i can get a picture", he is all over it. no pose-promting required.

and he had to pose with his posse.
(yes, he is wearing his's an after-church-sunday-traditon in our house. plus it is his birthday. who am i to argue what he wants to wear to his party??)

i love you dude! you are such a wonderful part of our family and i am so thankful i get to be your mom!! just remember who to give props to when your famous.


Dread Pirates Roberts said...

Happy Birthday Noah!
He is such a cool kid. We so enjoy having him in our class. So much fun... said...

What a that I love dearly! It made him happy to know he has two birthday parties, one tonight and then one when Nichole and I are out.
Happy birthday dear Noah! I love you beyond any words I can express.
Love you,

Jandi said...

Happy birthday Mini Stephen! He is so cute and fun. Really 6, already?! Hope his day was great.

Natalie* said...

what a character! he's seriously the most animated kid i know. that and my chelsea, who said upon our leaving your house last night, "boy, i wish i could live at noah's house...because i LOVE noah!" oh boy.

kim said...

Happy Birthday Noah. He is such a character and so unique, but that is what makes him so loveable!