Thursday, March 30, 2006

boxing gloves and crack don't mix....

i simply couldn't help myself. had to post this...had to! i fought it for a good two weeks, telling myself: "self, this photo could, one day, be used in the name of embarrassment against my sweet child." then i thought...if noah is anything like his dad, he'll just be proud of this photo!!
oh, and by the way, that couch in the background.....see it??'s at the center of a rather heated debate in our household. long story short; all of our worldly possessions are still in good 'ol PA. we're moving out of my mom's house (yippee...sorry mom, you know i love you) into our own apartment. only one little snafoo: no furniture, kitchen stuff, nothin'. sooooo, my mom is kind enough to lend us some of her things until we get our stuff out here. (okay, so this is turning out to be a long story......if you're still with me, sorry!) now i happen to adore this couch. it is so utterly comfortable. the kind of couch that you sink into and if you close your eyes, you could swear you are floating aimlessly on a soft, pink cloud. really!
my husband, on the other hand, doesn't share my enthusiasm. in fact, this couch is the thorn in his -- well, back. as much as i think it is the comfy-est couch - EVER, he thinks it is the hardest to sit on, be comfy on, most annoyingest couch - EVER.
hmmph. whatever know i'll prevail in the end. we're taking the couch when we move on saturday.

oh, and just so you know that i take "ahhh, how gosh, darn sweet" photos too:
the front view of my tuckered-out-two-year-old (hugged up on a boxing glove that just moments before he was using as a weapon)......ahhhhhh...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

hustle and flow...and perfect hair

here is my jock-child, kyle. i don't know what i would do if he wasn't in motion or asking for food.
i'm hungry...
all the time this one is hungry! i've heard of growing boys and all that, but it's getting ridiculous. how will i keep up???...
he is playing baseball now and doing really well. i am an advocate of sports, extra-curricular activities and all that. but, how the heck do other moms do it?? i work full time (at a "cold-hard world" job) on top of the full time mommy gig i have.
i am going from point a, to point b, to point c. then back to point b, after running one of them to point a. oh yeah, then tomorrow i'll need to figure out how to be a point c and a at the same time! anyone else dizzy?? in between the running from point to point don't forget to clean up dog poop, baby poop, the mound 'o laundry that has defied the laws of nature and is climbing itself. am i complaining? no. i'm just re-hashing my daily grind. nope! no complaining here. i am a certified trooper! a virtual super-woman action figure complete with kung-fu grip (for the multi-tasking action). still maintaining a perfectly coiffed hair du (2 out of the 7 days of the week - not too shabby!)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

my rowdy life.....with kids...

Here is my son. One of them. My oldest. Ben.Why, you ask, is this child brimming with total and utterly un-containable excitement? He turned 10 that day. Why else?
We had his party at the bowling alley, and let me just say, this lady in the background (the one setting up their game display) well, she earned her pay that day. We weren't the rowdiest kid party she's probably ever had, but a close second for sure. I'm pretty sure none of them have either:
a) been out of the house in months
b)been around other kids their age
c)seen the light of day, and just learned what it feels like to run with reckless abandone
Whatever the case may be.......these kids (mine included) liked running - a lot! was work. Why don't they tell you all of this before you have kids?? I guess I would still do it. Because it provided more entertainment that Stephan and I have seen in awhile. Plus I love their pure joy and pleasure of the simplest things. Very cool.
Yes, it's been awhile since I've posted. I thought what better way to start a posting than with another hobby/passion/obsession of mine??? Scrapbooking! So, this is one of the pages I've completed recently. It's almost impossible to make out all the pictures...some of the images are darker than others. But you get the general idea, right? I swear my family is starting to become concerned that they are losing me to scrapbooking-itis. I do it nightly. Can't stop. But I feel it's one of the more productive hobbies I could have. At least that's what I tell myself so I can sleep at night.

That's all for now!

Friday, March 03, 2006

fear is a buzz-kill!!!!

there are just so many creative people out there! i am truly amazed. not that i had no faith in the human race to continue to create and be creative in's just that i never knew this whole underground (so to speak) force of creativity existed!! i mean.....wowzer!
so i'm still pluggin' along with my scrapping adventures. i have to admit though, i am really scared to post any of my stuff. i am a devote "2 peas" girl....log in daily. but i just haven't taken that next, most vital step and posted anything myself! rejection, or fear of rejection is a total buzz-kill. hmmmm....maybe, just maybe i'll get past that this weekend. take pics of my stuff, and post it already!!!!!! if not for the rest of the world, then for myself (kind of like this blog).