Friday, March 03, 2006

fear is a buzz-kill!!!!

there are just so many creative people out there! i am truly amazed. not that i had no faith in the human race to continue to create and be creative in's just that i never knew this whole underground (so to speak) force of creativity existed!! i mean.....wowzer!
so i'm still pluggin' along with my scrapping adventures. i have to admit though, i am really scared to post any of my stuff. i am a devote "2 peas" girl....log in daily. but i just haven't taken that next, most vital step and posted anything myself! rejection, or fear of rejection is a total buzz-kill. hmmmm....maybe, just maybe i'll get past that this weekend. take pics of my stuff, and post it already!!!!!! if not for the rest of the world, then for myself (kind of like this blog).

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