Tuesday, May 18, 2010

R.R.R. - jewelry, t's and week in the life scrapbook pages

saddle up folks, it's gonna be a loooong post!

i am starting a new thing on my blog: R.R.R. which stands for Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. i do this a lot, especially with projects. whether it be sewing, scrapping, whatever. admittedly it is out of necessity (lack of money) rather than being environmentally conscious. but...the end result is the same. good and green all around!

but, just to prove that i actually AM working on my week in the life scrapbook, i decided to post a sample of some completed pages:

ok..now to the reuse and recycled awesomeness....
i decided to try my hand at the oh-so-popular ruffled t. these used to be long sleeve, so i cut the sleeves off and used that fabric to make ruffles. and.....voila! ruffle heaven!

more t's waiting for transformation....probably tonight!

now for the jewelry....
i have lots of it. lots. and it gets old to me, so i re-purposed some beads into these:


cherry charm - get it... ahem.

and i LOVE it when my studio looks like beautiful MADness! and it does - total havoc and craziness abounding down there!!

a little bit of creativity happening at every station. weeee!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

i know i should be scrapbooking....but...

ashton is at an age where he wants to be held...all the time. multi-tasking is very difficult with a baby in your arms all the time. but i want that baby in my arms. so....solution...a cute, functional baby carrier. i couldn't find one to purchase, and my friend told me about one she had just made, so i made it! it's called a sweet pod.
i started it on friday night and finished it tonight.
i love it so!!

it has a hood in a zip-away compartment that snaps to the shoulder straps. this keeps baby's head from bobbing around if he wants to fall asleep. brilliant!

ok, now back to my week in the life album...i will post it soon.