Monday, January 30, 2012


i have been wanting my picture wall changed for quite some time. in my mind the change wasn't complicated. it was going to be really inexpensive and quick. when i shared my vision with my husband tools, levels, and a trip to lowes replaced my idea of "uncomplicated". it's for the best. i "eyeball" everything. measure nothing. fly by the seat of my pants. when you are building and hanging a shelf that approach doesn't really work too well.

i am quite pleased with the results....
(though i might add a few things here and there)

this was my original inspiration, back in 2006!! it's from the ever brilliant pottery barn catalog. don't most of us want our homes to look like a page from that catalog??
here's a bigger view of mine:

day 29: inside your refrigerator
just the basics...and a few oddities.

day 30: nature
being that it's still january, and everything outside is still iced over and brown, i wanted a view of my indoor nature. one of many houseplants.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

rosette valentine wreath

my house is very bare and wanting for valentine decorations. so when my friend invited me to do this cute wreath with her, i thought it was the perfect place to start! it wasn't quick. it wasn't simple. but the results were well worth the effort. to get the full instructions and supplies, go here. i modified my colors slightly because i wanted a softer more vintage-y feel.

i just love looking at all those rosettes. so very pretty, feminine and valentines!

here are the past two days instagram daily photos:

day 27: lunch
if i'm not eating pb&j, i'm eating the above meal: grilled cheese dipped in salsa. delicious.

day 28: light
my eiffel tower lamp was a total score at target three years ago. it still brings me great happiness and will for years to come.

Friday, January 27, 2012

instagram daily photo: day 26

before posting yesterdays instagram photo, i wanted to post a photo of me wearing my luscious pearl/crown necklace. as you can see it fancies up my t-shirts quite nicely.

i found out yesterday there is one drawback; as i was putting ashton in his booster chair for lunch, the pendant knocked him in the head. he looked very disgruntled, but got over it quickly.

sorry ash. mommy will try to be careful not to knock her children out with her bling in the future.

day 26: colour
i am on another drawing kick these days. my smash book makes a perfect canvas for random creative bursts!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

instagram daily photo: days 24 & 25

day 24: guilty pleasure
yo gabba gabba. it's a kids tv show that i absolutely love. i have from the start...even before it was cool and all the SNL stars starting guest staring in it. it is quirky, colorful, dance-y, cute, animated, and artistic.

day 25: something i made
this is my latest creation. it's hard to see in this picture, but the pearls are BIG and luscious. i am a pearl girl. definitely. that rhinestone crown is big too. i'll have to take a picture of me wearing it so you can see it in all it's fabulous BIG glory! the scale is intense.

Monday, January 23, 2012

instagram daily photo: days 22 & 23

day 22: my shoes
i bought these boots with christmas money. they were the first pair of shoes i bought online, without trying them on, and i love them. LOVE. THEM. they go with just about everything. the price was right. they are comfortable. they rock. completely rock.

day 23: something old
this is one of my most precious possessions. it was my grandmothers. it is one of two things that i have of hers. it's a sterling silver buckle cuff-style bracelet from the 1933 chicago worlds fair. it's amazing. i really need to wear that bracelet more, don't i?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

instagram daily photo: days 19, 20 and 21

day 19: sweet
my chocolate is never far from reach.

day 20: someone i love
words cannot express just how much i love this man. he is my everything!

day 21: reflection
us looking into our kitchen window. it was seriously a great coincidence that the cherry stain glass is in the picture (as that is our last name!!).

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

favorite places and spaces: red letter books, boulder, co

as previously mentioned, i have sort of a thing for books. old books are preferable. so when i stumbled upon this gem of a bookstore in boulder i was one happy girl!

if it's glamour, soft cushy chairs, designer drinks and plush carpeting you're looking for, keep looking. this is not your book store. but if you want stacks (and i do mean stacks, you can't even see beyond the stacks of the books to the register) of old beautiful books this is where you want to be. and the prices are terrific!

no frills, no expensive decor, nothing matches. just fabulous books.

instagram daily -
day 17: water

day 18: something you bought
i scored these gorgeous apothecary-style vessels for a total of $8.00!! pure happiness.

Monday, January 16, 2012

instagram daily photo: days 13,14,15 & 16

i have a little bit of catching up to do. i have been taking daily photos, here are the past few days:

day 13: in your bag

i had to empty the contents and take a few up-close shots. i think this is such a great way to document where you are in life!!
this shot is a good view of everything in that big bag of mine -
2 pair of sunglasses (a girl needs options)
green leather bag of lots of lipgloss and chapstick
white canvas bag of various necessities
small notebook
thumb drive
small floral bag containing various pens
half eaten peppermint bark (my rule: have chocolate on me at all times!)
small camera
feminine hygiene necessities
cell phone (not pictured but never without)

i ALWAYS have a notebook on me. all the time! i am constantly finding inspiration in the darndest places. i am also very visual, so writing and drawing as inspiration strikes is just part of who i am. i carry my thumb drive because often i have pictures, illustrations, graphics that i want to print at the office supple store.

there are few things more frustrating in life than being ill-prepared. i am never without lipgloss, aspirin, lotion, band aids, or my handy tide stick.

day 14: something i'm reading
everyday i read my scriptures. but aside from that, i am currently reading a few other books.
to the rescue the biography of thomas s. monson by heidi s. swinton
the promise of discipleship by neil a. maxwell
a mothers book of secrets: keys to making motherhood memorable, meaningful and magnificent by: linda j. eyre & shawni eyre pothier

day 15: happiness

my kids are such a big part of my happiness. although my happiness isn't quite complete because kyle isn't here. i miss him!!

day 16: morning
typically i enjoy a beverage, oatmeal and the today show each morning (in between getting kids off to school and keeping ashton corralled).

Thursday, January 12, 2012

my style & instagram daily - day 12

i am a girl who adores fashion. at the top of my list, an addition to almost every outfit, can't leave the house without 'em....pearls! they really do complete any outfit.

and chunky, antique, interesting jewelry...

add these to a prairie girl, meets prom dress ensemble and it is a match made in heaven. my version of heaven. where cowboy boots can also complete most outfits.

then there is the more polished version of myself. the super girly, preppy, audrey hepburn me. (i know i total departure from the first, but a girl has to have options)

this version of myself yearns for matte red lips, leopard accessories, bold colors, and a great heel. pearls also work quite nicely here too....when don't they?

all images via pinterest

day 12: close-up
i love that kissable, baby-soft hair. i smell it all day long and can't get enough!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

smash book & instagram daily - day 10

i am totally addicted to this....

it's a smash book. it's an art journal of sorts. it has a cute base to each page to start from, and you add more fabulousness to it. right up my alley! i've already started to play in mine. here are a few pages:

day 10 - childhood

Monday, January 09, 2012

instagram daily photo: day 8 & 9

day 8: your sky

yesterday the sky was deceptively blue. it was freezing out!! this is the view from my backyard.

day 9: daily routine
there are many things i do consistently everyday, but taking my medication cannot be skipped. i would say that is the most necessary part of my daily routine.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

instagram daily photo: day 7

day 7: favorite

this was a hard one. of course i have lots of favorites, but even when i narrowed it down to my favorite scripture, i have too many of those too. but i always come back to this one. it says it all for me, and reminds me to feast on the scriptures daily...DAILY. i need to. my day, my life, just goes better when i abide by this practice.

Friday, January 06, 2012

images of our home and instagram daily - day 6

day 6: makes you smile
this is the remnants of ben and stephans snow fort, with our tree stuck in the middle. ghetto? yes. funny and smile-worthy? absolutely!

now that our christmas stuff is down and put away, and my home is back to normal, i thought i would post some of the views i see daily.

main photo wall, with new texas star and number 6

this star represents my son kyle, who is currently living in texas with his dad and family there.

6 is the number of members of our happy family

above my fireplace

one of my passions is reading. another is travel. i've yet to go to europe, but I WILL. oh yes, i will.

i found these copies of the count of monte cristo at a bookshop in boulder (to be featured on my favorite places and spaces segment at a future date)

this sitting area makes me so happy! it's super cozy at night when lit with the industrial-style lamp.

these coat pegs won't always be home to such tiny coats. had to capture it.

spices above my stove. and a sweet little vintage note holder from natalie