Wednesday, January 18, 2012

favorite places and spaces: red letter books, boulder, co

as previously mentioned, i have sort of a thing for books. old books are preferable. so when i stumbled upon this gem of a bookstore in boulder i was one happy girl!

if it's glamour, soft cushy chairs, designer drinks and plush carpeting you're looking for, keep looking. this is not your book store. but if you want stacks (and i do mean stacks, you can't even see beyond the stacks of the books to the register) of old beautiful books this is where you want to be. and the prices are terrific!

no frills, no expensive decor, nothing matches. just fabulous books.

instagram daily -
day 17: water

day 18: something you bought
i scored these gorgeous apothecary-style vessels for a total of $8.00!! pure happiness.


Natalie said...

oh girl - you are going to go NUTS at our used book stores here -- two of them right down town, one called READ ALL OVER -- so cute, no? your goblets are fantastic.

Jandi said...

I need you to take me to that cute little book store. Love those jars. So cute! Those can be used in addition to any holiday theme. You find the best things at that place.