Monday, January 30, 2012


i have been wanting my picture wall changed for quite some time. in my mind the change wasn't complicated. it was going to be really inexpensive and quick. when i shared my vision with my husband tools, levels, and a trip to lowes replaced my idea of "uncomplicated". it's for the best. i "eyeball" everything. measure nothing. fly by the seat of my pants. when you are building and hanging a shelf that approach doesn't really work too well.

i am quite pleased with the results....
(though i might add a few things here and there)

this was my original inspiration, back in 2006!! it's from the ever brilliant pottery barn catalog. don't most of us want our homes to look like a page from that catalog??
here's a bigger view of mine:

day 29: inside your refrigerator
just the basics...and a few oddities.

day 30: nature
being that it's still january, and everything outside is still iced over and brown, i wanted a view of my indoor nature. one of many houseplants.


Natalie said...

oh kim it looks amazing! it really opens up your space and makes the room feel so big and airy. well done!

kim said...

I finally decided to get on here and see what you have done. LOVE the wall. It looks so good! Good job.

Ruth said...

I like your picture wall.

Jandi said...

Your wall turned out great!

Grandma Dana said...

Kim, the wall looks great. Stephan did a good job on the shelf. When are you coming to help decorate my house? Lots of love from the "old people!"

Anonymous said...

I frickn rocked that shelf...what was all the measuring for? Well now you know!