Thursday, January 12, 2012

my style & instagram daily - day 12

i am a girl who adores fashion. at the top of my list, an addition to almost every outfit, can't leave the house without 'em....pearls! they really do complete any outfit.

and chunky, antique, interesting jewelry...

add these to a prairie girl, meets prom dress ensemble and it is a match made in heaven. my version of heaven. where cowboy boots can also complete most outfits.

then there is the more polished version of myself. the super girly, preppy, audrey hepburn me. (i know i total departure from the first, but a girl has to have options)

this version of myself yearns for matte red lips, leopard accessories, bold colors, and a great heel. pearls also work quite nicely here too....when don't they?

all images via pinterest

day 12: close-up
i love that kissable, baby-soft hair. i smell it all day long and can't get enough!


Natalie said...

when ever i picture you, it's in pearls and cowgirl boots. and that little squishiness at the bottom? i can almost smell his little baby smell through your photo -- delightful.

Jandi said...

I, surprisingly love images 3 and 4. Though, cowboy boots are not necessarily my thing, you would look adorable in those ensembles. I can totally see you wearing all of these with gobs of pearls on top...