Tuesday, March 29, 2011

style spotlight

i stumbled across one of the most amazing style blogs: atlantic-pacific.

what initially caught my eye was this necklace:
i actually own this necklace. it is one of my favorite iconic, statement pieces. the name is "runway pearls". it makes any outfit i match it with. love!

and it just kept getting better. outfit after outfit. AHmazing. brilliant color/pattern combos, and the most eye-catching jewelry schemes. she piles on the jewelry. my kind of gal. we would be fast friends. i just know it.

her hair in this shot is really sort of breathtaking, no?

piled on jewelry...YES please!

did i mention the brilliant pattern combos?
do yourself a favor and check out her blog. you will be utterly inspired. promise.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

denver art museum

saturday i had the pleasure of spending a few hours lingering amongst genius, romance and unspeakable beauty. not a bad way to spend ones time.

this is where i was...

the museum is fairly large with 7 floors of various art. i knew i only had a few hours, so i concentrated my time with the american and european art and spanish colonial art.

it's been determined; i will be purchasing a membership. this is easily one of my favorite places to be.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

i *heart* books

i have a passion for books. i don't mean to offend anyone who may own a kindle, or another like device, but there is nothing like holding a real book in your hands. the smell, the texture of the pages, the weight and tangibility of them. no electronic device could possibly compare to that. ever.

i am a collector of beautiful books. here are some of my favorites that are kept on the shelf above my bed. the small leather book on the end is my grandmothers diary from 1947. i never knew her, but inherited her diary some years ago. she wrote everyday about things like doing chores (laundry was quite the task back then and consumed much of the day), playing bridge with the girls and motherhood. i treasure it.

okay, so don't hate me, but i recently found these lovely volumes of the count of monte cristo (published in 1914) at an obscure used bookshop in boulder for $1.00 each. yes. just a buck a piece. i still haven't gotten over the bliss of that find.

i have the entire collection of these childrens classics (the french short stories is not part of it). when we were living in pennsylvania, renting our home, we were rummaging through the garage (filled with tons of junk belonging to the owner) and came across these books. they were in sad shape due to being shoved in a box and stashed in the rafters. the garage was quite dilapidated and exposed the elements. after airing them out i was able to get most of the mildew smell out. i love the colors and graphics. gorgeous.

i couldn't do a post about books and not include a picture of just a few of our cookbooks. we use them frequently. the brick on the end is a treasure that stephan found last summer while skipping rocks with the boys under a bridge near the royal gorge. he fished it out of the stream.

corners of my home

i love to document different parts of my life. home is a big part of that. here are a few snippets of the view from here.

master bedroom. i have serious typography lust. so to surround myself with beautiful typography i've created a cluster of meaningful words, pictures and numbers.

close up. (please excuse the blurriness of this photo.)

art and typography = perfection.

my wee eiffel tower collection. embellished with gorgeousness, of course.

lovely orchid that stephan gave me for our anniversary last year. it's just started to bloom again.

books and plants. another passion of mine. (post dedicated to my books to follow)

the start of my abstract plate wall. i've been collecting beautiful, interesting, and quirky plates to adorn our eclectic kitchen.

i'm a sucker for brilliant packaging

i am. a total sucker for great packaging. something that literally jumps off the shelf and screams, "i'm all that...you NEED me!"
apparently i am not the only one.

case in point:

when you open this up you find this impossibly adorable booklet:

and this is why i spend the bulk of my days at target. they know the way to this consumers heart.