Tuesday, March 29, 2011

style spotlight

i stumbled across one of the most amazing style blogs: atlantic-pacific.

what initially caught my eye was this necklace:
i actually own this necklace. it is one of my favorite iconic, statement pieces. the name is "runway pearls". it makes any outfit i match it with. love!

and it just kept getting better. outfit after outfit. AHmazing. brilliant color/pattern combos, and the most eye-catching jewelry schemes. she piles on the jewelry. my kind of gal. we would be fast friends. i just know it.

her hair in this shot is really sort of breathtaking, no?

piled on jewelry...YES please!

did i mention the brilliant pattern combos?
do yourself a favor and check out her blog. you will be utterly inspired. promise.

1 comment:

Jandi said...

I love her. All of the jewelry and coloring schemes. So beautiful. You two could be the best of friends. {If only she lived in Denver...}