Thursday, March 03, 2011

corners of my home

i love to document different parts of my life. home is a big part of that. here are a few snippets of the view from here.

master bedroom. i have serious typography lust. so to surround myself with beautiful typography i've created a cluster of meaningful words, pictures and numbers.

close up. (please excuse the blurriness of this photo.)

art and typography = perfection.

my wee eiffel tower collection. embellished with gorgeousness, of course.

lovely orchid that stephan gave me for our anniversary last year. it's just started to bloom again.

books and plants. another passion of mine. (post dedicated to my books to follow)

the start of my abstract plate wall. i've been collecting beautiful, interesting, and quirky plates to adorn our eclectic kitchen.


Natalie said...

so great - so YOU. i am so excited to be on the lookout for fun plates to add to your kitchen wall!

Jandi said...

Great. Love the orchid and your Eiffel tower collection.

kim said...

I love the way you decorate! Love the plates on the wall-good idea!

Ruth said...

I love this blog segment idea, what a great way to document your home little by little.

Anonymous said...

I would prefer plates on the table!