Friday, September 29, 2006

mr. personality

this, my friends, is mr. personality. this one just doesn't stop! if a camera happens to be pointing in his general direction, he'll stop, get the persons attention, and pose like zoolander. is he 2, or 22? some days i just don't know. definitely takes after his father. not that i'm not a cheesy one myself, but this one is a charmer and flirt to boot! dude! so much cramed into such a little body. oh, and can i share some of his latest "noah-isms".... "what the heck", "love you much", and my latest personal favorite: "momma, i pretty?", asked after finding his brothers chapstick and applying it liberally. what could i say? yes, sweetie, you are just gorgeous. the other day as we were leaving, he piled a bunch of random toys into a little blue felt bag i recently gave him. while walking down the stairs, with the bag slung over his shoulder, he says: "yep, got my purse". stephan immediately went into de-program mode. i just laughed...hard! these are the moments that make those un-bearable poopy diapers worth it. kind of.
so, here's to my littlest guy. let's all lift a glass of milk and toast, mr. personality!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

a few scrap pages...

i just wanted to share some of my passion....

let's talk about....

self portraits. it's something that makes most cringe. there is definitely a certain stigma attached to taking a picture of oneself. things that come to mind: arrogance, vanity, self-obsession. well, i'm here to dispell all of those myths! a self-portrait is a GOOD thing. how often is your camera pointed at your kids, husband, even your pet. now, how often is it pointed at you? i'll venture to say not very often, if at all. well, let's remedy that!
it's pretty simple really. doesn't have to be too posed or fancy. no tripod is even needed. simply go into your bathroom (the lighting is generally good there) with your camera. now, give yourself permission to have fun! think the way thought when you were, say, five. totally free to be. now, point the camera at the mirror, look into the mirror, at the lens. click away. remember to be yourself. the real you. the you that maybe not too many people get to see because of inhibitions. don't worry that the camera is in the picture, this can be cropped out very easily. smile. make a face. be serious. be pensive. be a model. BE YOU!
okay, now that you've done that, go a step further: scrap these pics! tell your stories, your point of view. make yourself known to your kids, or future generations. this may be the only way they know certain things about you. i really feel passionately about this. i think it is so important for your stories to be known. don't let them stay buried inside.
so go. do it. TODAY!!! and don't forget to have fun with it!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

wanted to share...

here are a few pics of my beloved family. have i mentioned how much i adore photography? i'm pretty sure i've covered that before, and if you know me at all, you know this. something about capturing essence. freezing a moment in time - for all time. LOVE IT!
these particular photos capture each personality. noah...large and in charge. ben...sweet and completely present. kyle...such a dude. stephan...intense and crazily HOT!
that's it. just wanted to share this passion. something i will do quite often on this blog! :)
enjoy the rest of your wednesday!

6 months later...

6 months later i am:

a stay-at-home mommy again
still loving taking pictures of - everything!
scrapbooking like a mad woman
still madly in love with my husband and kids
a runner ;)
still happily having many adventures
somewhat weathered
thankful, blessed, and living amoungst lovliness!!!!!

i decided i needed to start blogging again...mostly for me. writing is such an intrigal part of me, that i definitely notice a difference when i'm not doing it. plus it's a good way to keep friends and family updated on my day-day excitement! i do live a very exciting life. lemme see, on a daily basis i....referee many a heated battle of dueling siblings, navigate the psyche of a complex two year old, creatively divise ways to disguise food as something absolutely irresistable for a two-year old palate, delve into the fast-pace world of 3rd and 4th grade studies (you think i'm kidding? i'm NOT), stay on top of 5 different calendars...we are incredibly busy! Scouts, Young Womens, school work, school activities, meetings, and, of course many adventures in between. whew. life. gotta love it, and it just so happens that i do!
so, stay tuned for lots more excitement. :)