Friday, September 29, 2006

mr. personality

this, my friends, is mr. personality. this one just doesn't stop! if a camera happens to be pointing in his general direction, he'll stop, get the persons attention, and pose like zoolander. is he 2, or 22? some days i just don't know. definitely takes after his father. not that i'm not a cheesy one myself, but this one is a charmer and flirt to boot! dude! so much cramed into such a little body. oh, and can i share some of his latest "noah-isms".... "what the heck", "love you much", and my latest personal favorite: "momma, i pretty?", asked after finding his brothers chapstick and applying it liberally. what could i say? yes, sweetie, you are just gorgeous. the other day as we were leaving, he piled a bunch of random toys into a little blue felt bag i recently gave him. while walking down the stairs, with the bag slung over his shoulder, he says: "yep, got my purse". stephan immediately went into de-program mode. i just laughed...hard! these are the moments that make those un-bearable poopy diapers worth it. kind of.
so, here's to my littlest guy. let's all lift a glass of milk and toast, mr. personality!

1 comment:

Stephan said...

What the HECK? The purse thing was seriously not cool! Cute but, NOT COOL!! I love you