Monday, October 02, 2006

stop and smell the flowers...

...on haight & ashbury! went to s.f. this weekend, specifically haight ashbury. love it there! so inspirational, fun, laid-back and yes, groovy. it's just got a great colorful vibe. the pictured house is the grateful dead house, where the band was busted for drugs in the '60's. now i'm not a dead-head, but it's still a cool house. we enjoyed lunch at the people's cafe... yummy. i really love living in northern california because there is so much to do and explore. on our way back to san jose we drove along hwy. 1. so beautiful and majestic. i am grateful, blessed and fortunate to live amoungst this beauty. just about every weekend we embark on an adventure. most of the time we hang in santa cruz. again, the vibe is so awesome. it is a place i find much inspiration. there is a marvelous taqueria there. we sometimes will drive to santa cruz just to eat. crazy? no, just spontaneous! that's us, and i love, love, love it that way!!! we probably won't live here for more than a year...colorado springs beacons us. so i feel the urge to take full advantage of california. we are, and it's rockin' my world!!!! :)


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