Wednesday, October 04, 2006

hotties and sweethearts...

i want to send a shout out to a few of my peeps. more specifically a hottie, my sister. and a sweetheart, my husband. my life is very rich. blessings abound around every corner! why is this the case? MY FAMILY!!! without a doubt! i am probably one of the luckiest girlies in the world. i dearly love all of my family: my mom, my kids, my extended family. but today i want to focus on two very special, very... snazzy, if you will, individuals. okay, so my sister nichole...see her in the pic? she looks like one of those gorgeous model types that is so stuck up and snobbish that you would never expect her to actually give you the time of day. NOT TRUE! couldn't be furthest from the truth. nichole is one of the most grounded people i know. talk about having her stuff together...she does, and then some. you couldn't get two more opposite lifestyles than hers and mine. i am "stay- at- home -mommy-barbie". involved in church, kids, hobbies, etc. she is world traveler-babe extrodinaire! her job requires her to travel like every other week. to exotic locals...places that indiana jones might never have seen. she is a single gal, who has made it clear that friday nights are off limits, as that is her club-hopping, partying, whooping it up night. she is well read, smart, kind, generous, loyal, comfortable in her skin, the funniest person i know, i mean the girl is FUNNNNY, and beautiful inside and out. a total package. i learn so much from her and admire her so much. i just love her so much!!!!!
then we need to talk about my hubbie, stephan. my sweetheart. my heart, for that matter. i seriously don't know what i did to deserve him! for reals!! if i could create my perfect soul-mate, yep, it would be him. no doubt. his qualities go on and on. amoung other things he is: a great father (understatement), loving, smart, probably tied with Nic on the funniest person award, he cracks me up 24/7, silly, lighthearted, spiritual, strong, manly, a magnificently talented chef, active, he's got some pretty sweet dance moves too. i just adore this man! truly. i thank God for him every minute of the day.
was this an over-the-top cheesy blog entry? maybe so. but i absolutely mean every last word. i want the whole world to know that true love exists. it happens every day. people do live their fairly tale life. i am living proof. my life is far from perfect, but who has a perfect life? i am blessed and honored to be surrounded by greatness in so many people.
so, thank you to all of my "pee-pee's" (people).
peace out.

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PegScott said...

Awesome blog and the most awesome family. I too feel very blessed to have such a wonderful family. Kim, great job capturing the your lives for the world to enjoy.
I love you!