Wednesday, October 11, 2006

my creative process...

when it's quiet, and i am alone with my thoughts, my mind races. it races from one concept, to another idea, to a scrap page, to a collage card, to a great shot i could capture. the passion and excitement fill me and my hands are jealous of all the fun my mind is having. they can't wait to go back to my creative spot and be let loose! where will they begin? what project gets first dibs? it's anyone's guess. i'll fill pages of random notebooks and scrap paper with these ideas. all so grand in concept!
finally a quiet moment finds me and i go to my creative spot. i sit and look at my supplies. hmm. i thumb through pictures i've taken. hmm. i grab the latest magazine i've marked up. hmm. suddenly my hands don't know where to begin, or even how. curious. my mind tries to lend a hand, but there is another conversation brewing there: how long will this quiet session last? do i have enough time to complete a project? will i be interrupted and then lose my focus and mojo? will i have to leave my project to tend to a child, dog, or huband? will sleep becone me and persuade me away? perhaps i shouldn't start anything right now. maybe i should just plan some more.
it doesn't always go like this. many a night when i sit down at my creative spot, my hands can't be contained - or even interrupted. if a child calls, i beg my husband to answer. if my husband calls, i look at him pleadingly for more time to create. he understands - somehow, and willingly gives me what i need. he couldn't possibly know the gift that this granted time is to me. i am in a zone, and probably producing a long thought out concept. it's being born - finally! realized, after being trapped in my mind, or behind the bars of a page. it may not be a "mona lisa", but there is so much satisfaction in releasing it from it's prison.
when i'm done i will proudly show it to him. beaming like a five year old child. it's my art. produced from my soul. realized. it is what feeds my soul and keeps!

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