Saturday, March 27, 2010

basic soldering

one of my hobbies is jewelry making. this past year i decided to expand my skill set just a bit and delve into the wonderful world of soldering. soldered jewelry is very popular these days, so no better time to learn, right!
here is a brief tutorial of basic soldering:

(DISCLAIMER: my skills are rudimentary and all self-taught. i am not a professional, just a girl who wanted to learn, made a few mistakes along the way, and learned a bit)

step 1)
hunt and gather your supplies. they are:
copper tape - can be found at hobby lobby
flux (i prefer gel) - i bought mine online
solder (lead-free) - hobby lobby
solder iron - most craft stores
something to hold your project in place (everything gets extremely hot!!)
step 2)
cut your copper tape to the appropriate size of your glass
place half on, and wrap the other half to back
step 3)
apply gel flux to copper tape.
this will act as the bonding agent between the solder and the copper tape. without it your solder will not adhere (a lesson learned the hard way)
step 4)
with the solder iron, melt the solder onto the copper tape.
it takes a bit of practice to get a smooth line...mine are still in the "rustic" phase.

here is the finished product! quite satisfying...give it a try!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


it has become necessary for me to separate my personal life from this blog and start a separate family blog, which will be private. it makes me sad to have to do this, it is something i never wanted. i won't go into the specific reason for my decision, i will only say that there are some very sad and small people in this world with nothing better to do than follow my blog for less than honorable reasons.
this blog will continue to be public but will only have my artistic pursuits...nothing about my family life.
if i haven't already invited you to view my family blog, please email me at:
kimcherrycalifornia@yahoo dot com.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

the view from here...

my world has been a beautiful place these days....not that it isn't usually. but newborns have a way of making everything a little bit sweeter.

this morning, after taking noah to school and returning home, i found this little set-up on the table. i love finding his little toys put to use in the most inventive of ways. it's so noah!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

dear studio, i miss you...

dear studio,
i bet you're wondering where i've been. wondering if i have left you for other pursuits. no. i assure you that is not the case! i dearly miss your walls papered with inspiration and love.
i miss you, my antique suitcase that holds my ATC supplies.

i miss walking downstairs and seeing the splash of creativity that beacons me to come and make a number of delightful things.

i miss you, main desk. you house some of my favorite "toys". the glues that hold so many paper creations together. the inks that color them. pens, brushes, papers and my dear art journals. i even miss you, left-over holiday chocolate. you call to me at night.

ahh, jewelry desk. you and your tiny little drawers filled with bling, gorgeous stones, beads galore! soon you will be put into play again. soon, my loves....

and last, but certainly not least...beloved sewing machine. you have been the instrument that has made numerous diaper bags, purses, burp cloths, many lovelies.

don't fret. don't despair. though i can't be with you, be assured my mind is swimming with many sugared thoughts and ideas. i will return to you.

Monday, March 01, 2010

card carrying member of team APPLE!!

hi. i'm kim and i am now a proud member of team apple!
friday night i made a very important, and long-awaited purchase...a MacBook Pro.
15 inch screen, sleek brushed silver finish, a delightful new computer smell that puts roses to shame. ahh. it's simply divine.
i am in love.
computer love.
and that, for me, is big!

i also got some sweet software the form of CS4 and Aperture.
this photographer can't stop smiling and cooing over my wicked awesome set-up!
thanks steph...for believing in me THIS much!!