Thursday, March 04, 2010

dear studio, i miss you...

dear studio,
i bet you're wondering where i've been. wondering if i have left you for other pursuits. no. i assure you that is not the case! i dearly miss your walls papered with inspiration and love.
i miss you, my antique suitcase that holds my ATC supplies.

i miss walking downstairs and seeing the splash of creativity that beacons me to come and make a number of delightful things.

i miss you, main desk. you house some of my favorite "toys". the glues that hold so many paper creations together. the inks that color them. pens, brushes, papers and my dear art journals. i even miss you, left-over holiday chocolate. you call to me at night.

ahh, jewelry desk. you and your tiny little drawers filled with bling, gorgeous stones, beads galore! soon you will be put into play again. soon, my loves....

and last, but certainly not least...beloved sewing machine. you have been the instrument that has made numerous diaper bags, purses, burp cloths, many lovelies.

don't fret. don't despair. though i can't be with you, be assured my mind is swimming with many sugared thoughts and ideas. i will return to you.


Family Valois said...

I would be more than happy to come take your place until you're back! Any day, everyday, I can pretend you're mine! :D

Natalie* said...

oh how i covet your studio...someday we'll get a chance to hang out there together and create!

ittybittyandpretty said...

what a lovely space and a lovely blog. hope you are back where you belong soon.
%*_*% rosey