Monday, May 21, 2012

shift in thinking...

for the past month and a half mondays have not been fun. stephan has a night class so he hasn't been getting home till about 9:30 or so. the first monday was ugly. ugly. my mood was horrible. dinner was probably cereal. i felt myself dreading mondays.
shift. dig deep. get inspired.
results: me creating a really great monday night for the kids and i.

starting with a delicious dinner....
the best pizza dough - EVER

ingredients from my garden (ok, just the basil is from my garden, but the others are fresh!)

pizza enroute to the oven

with a delicious dinner you should probably have a tasty drink, no?
mint lemonade
i made this delicious concoction. i am addicted now and i didn't even really like lemonade.

all this was enjoyed on our "deck"....
 this is our deck. i would like to say it's temporary, but on our budget this is probably it.

but it made for happy boys and a happy mom.

and after running off some energy...

mondays are officially FUNdays!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

daily photo - well, sort of...

day 11: around my house
this is stephan in his element...amongst bicycles
day 12: colorful
a wee portion of my bead stash
day 13: mothers day
my breakfast in bed.
yes, my husband is a chef. yes, he cooks for me. yes, i LOVE it!
day 13: spring
a lovely rose from my front flower bed, which is in dire need of tending.
day 15: self portrait
nothing better than natural light!
so, the sort of part is because technically some of these were taken out of order. like days 11 and 12. i took those tonight. but i did have these shots in mind ahead of time, i just didn't get around to taking them. it's all kind of the same, right?
i will try to be better at the daily part.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

daily photo - days 6-10

day 6: looking in

day 7: favorite dessert
at least one of my favorites

day 8: every morning
my daily walk accompanied by good music

day 9: shadows
me, ashton (in his stroller) and noah

day 10: sunset
my version of it anyway

Sunday, May 06, 2012

daily photo - days 3,4, & 5

day 3: breakfast
greek yogurt & blueberries. tried to make a departure from my normal carbs

day 4: something new
my mom bought me the upgrade i needed for my mac! thanks mom for the early mothers day present.

day 5: work & play
stephan enlisted the boys to help with yard work. their job was to get all the rocks out of the grass. it was a pleasant task with his dump truck

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

daily photo - days 1 & 2

and so begins the daily photos....

day 2: tickled pink
saving money makes me giddy = tickled pink!

day 1: my life
this is a view i see daily

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

new daily photo challenge

i've been looking for another good challenge, and i think i've found one!

of course i will post pictures here as we go.
join in the fun!