Tuesday, May 15, 2012

daily photo - well, sort of...

day 11: around my house
this is stephan in his element...amongst bicycles
day 12: colorful
a wee portion of my bead stash
day 13: mothers day
my breakfast in bed.
yes, my husband is a chef. yes, he cooks for me. yes, i LOVE it!
day 13: spring
a lovely rose from my front flower bed, which is in dire need of tending.
day 15: self portrait
nothing better than natural light!
so, the sort of part is because technically some of these were taken out of order. like days 11 and 12. i took those tonight. but i did have these shots in mind ahead of time, i just didn't get around to taking them. it's all kind of the same, right?
i will try to be better at the daily part.


Kristen said...

I love your pictures! Also, I know I have already told you but I love your hair. I was sitting behind you tonight admiring it. That color is so good on you. AND you style it so cute.

Jandi said...

Love your bead collection. Holy moly that rose is HUGE. That breakfast looks delicious. Makes my store bought powered doughnuts in bed oh so sad. Also, love that self portrait, you look so pretty.

Ruth said...

More great pictures! Your self portrait is lovely. I have pictures of Chris working on his projects too, it is fun to capture them in their element. Your rose is lovely.