Thursday, October 25, 2007

pure joy...

this is my recent addition to my art journal - the larger version i am currently working on. it is a page about creating a balance and how it is something i constantly struggle with. i think that is true for most women, and particularly true for moms. we put so much pressure on ourselves to be everything for everyone. we often forget about ourselves. that is one of the reasons i scrapbook and do art journals. it gives me time for reflection and some personal growth. deep, huh? trust me, i'm not really that deep!! HA!!

today was noah's class halloween party. man, these are the days i will always look back on and smile - hugely! what a gift it was for me to experience this day with him. he is going to be a pirate for halloween. it's hard to tell from this picture. he has a skull cap that goes with his costume, but as he says "it's too tight", then he promptly rips it off his head. oh well, i tried.

this is his preschool class, including his adorable teacher, mrs. liz. she was a cowgirl today - so cute!! noah is the third one in from the left...squinting because of the blinding sunshine.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

art journal stuff

it's been awhile since i've shared some of my creative pursuits on paper. i have been inspired to do some really free-style things. the kind of things that don't really have a place...don't really belong in the family scrapbook album. but it is what is coming up for me right now. this page below is one of those. it's an 8 1/2 by 11 page (my usual scrapbook size), but i don't know if it's going into an album. maybe it's the start of a new art journal album. i usually do those in smaller journals. hmmm....

these next two are from my latest art journal. i started it on my birthday with the intention of writing in it daily. that hasn't happened, but i have kept up with it somewhat. i add to it with magazine clippings, stamps, whatever looks like it needs to make it's home in there! then i write later because often the writing mood and the collage-ing mood don't coincide.

in other news...noah is in full potty training mode. he has had plenty of accidents, but today is the third day and he has already peed TWICE in the potty!!!! yeah!!! there is light at the end of the tunnel - whew!

Monday, October 22, 2007

pumpkins, corn mazes and little visitors...

we engaged in one of our favorite traditions on saturday....the pumpkin patch! this one had a really cool corn maze too - which took about an hour and a half to get out of! geesh! everyone was tired, thirsty and hot by the time we were done. here are the cherry family pumpins:
the two tiny ones are the prize for finding all the "clues" in the corn maze. a lot of work for two jack be littles!!

what do you do after all that work?? relax in a box 'o corn kernels, of course!
or........sit and ponder!

all in all it was a really fun day and lots of gorgeous color everywhere you looked! orange is fast becoming one of my favorite colors :) it's just such a happy color, no?

this was taken at the beginning of our corn maze quest. when everyone was happy, eager and ambitious! that faded quickly. :)

this week we have a visitor: hopkins the rabbit. he is noah's class pet and it is our job to care for him this week. i opened the pantry one night to discover hopkins sitting amoungst the peanut butter and pasta. i guess a stuffed rabbit has to eat too!

joyous monday to you!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

something new!

a diaper bag!!! a special request for my aunt who's granddaughter is coming into this world very soon. i am kind of in love with the way it turned out. she gave me VERY specific color, size and other instructions...which is why it is so lavender. i really hope it is what she had in mind.

the straps are longer than they appear in this picture.

lots of pockets for bottles, cell phone, other various baby items....

...and a diaper changing kit to go in the bag. for when you don't want to take the whole bag into the bathroom to change the baby. you have everything you need in one place!

here's a view of the inside. in the middle is a changing pad made of vinyl interior. easy to wipe up any they always occur!!

i've been really busy making more jewelry to put in my little booth. i've sold a few things which is a huge relief in and of itself. i was worried...i'm not a risk-taker. but it seems to be going well so far!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

it's almost here....

on saturday...this two the:

here are some pics from our little space. i think i've mentioned that i am doing this with two of my girlfriends. anna makes cards and jandi makes the magnet boards and all the vinyl products. i love, love, love the way our space turned out. small? yes. but it's mighty!! :)

i've also made some cute chenille burp cloths and diaper changing kits, which are pictured on the shelf below:

if you live in the denver area come check us out. the address is on the top picture!!! :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

artful season

i would say i am in the middle of a very artful season. both literally and metaphorically. i am producing tons of stuff for the store where i will have a small booth space in. and then of course, there's my favorite season ever........FALL!!

i mean if you can't find art and beauty everytime you step outside, you're just not looking hard enough! it's everywhere - so inspirational to me! :)

Friday, October 05, 2007

dog therapy

i think everyone should own at least one dog. they really do make the world a better place to live. they soothe a troubled soul, are always there, don't expect much (an occasional petting), and talk about unconditional!! they are all about unconditional lovin'! i always liked dogs, but until i had one of my own i never fully appreciated their value. i will always be a dog owner.
this big guy is just a big 'ol love. he nuzzles into you with his head that is easily the size of my three year old! a lot of people are afraid of him. i really don't get that. sure he is big, and i guess size could be intimidating, but just look at that face. not a mean expression to be found!! i just don't get it. saint bernards are rescue dogs by nature. he burrows these little "nests" in our backyard. it's annoying, but kind of cute too, because he sleeps in them. he did it a lot in the hot summer months. it just goes to prove that dogs will do what their instinct tells them to do.
so that is my plea for the world. if everyone would just own a dog there would be a lot less strife and contention!! :)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

something to thing about...

a life list. while reading ali edwards blog this morning she referenced making a life list, which made me curious, and had a link to this blog:
basically it talks about making a list of 100 things you want to do in your lifetime. i have never done this, and am more than intrigued by the idea. i think it is something i am going to do. i invite y'all to do the same!! :)

in other news, fall is in full swing here at the cherry household. decorations are up, and my dinner menu has been reflecting the season. more pot roasts, soups, etc. and my favorite...more BAKING! specifically with pumpkin. i told you i have a love affair with this most delicious of vegetables. mmmm. i really only use pumpkin this time of year because any other time it feels wrong. like eating candy corn in the spring. just plain wrong. i really must get on the whole picture taking deal. i want to take some cool pics of fall! and everyday life too.

have a glorious fall thursday!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

such high hopes...

i did indeed have, and i believe promise (at least to myself) consistency with this blog. i have failed to live up to that...again. but i'm no quitter, so i will strengthen my resolve to blog more. i think it will be easier in such an inspiring season. FALL!!! i love fall with every fiber of my being. it's just so glorious and fragrant. the smell of the earth turning over to a new season. pumpkins. pumpkin seeds - something i hate sharing with the rest of the family. i mean, after all, i do all the stinkin' work gutting the things. shouldn't i, and i alone get to enjoy the "fruits" of my labor? yes. i think definitely yes. selfish of me? yep. but i'm okay with that. actually i do share. i put aside a tiny bowl of them for the rest of the family. then, of course, there is halloween. a holiday completly and totally dedicated to candy! man, who's brain child was that because they are bloody brilliant in my book! furthermore you ask total strangers for it. you don't even need to provide it for yourself!! love it.

here is a picture of noah in breckenridge...i think in the beginning of sept. he totally sat on this bench and looked at me like that. i promise, no prompting from mom whatsoever.

the rest of the bunch are also from breck. just random art that is scattered throughout the town square. art for the masses. i appreciate that immensely and therefore want to capture it with my camera to enjoy as i please.

and then the random bits of words or phrases i come across here and there. these too become immortalized through my lens - if only for me to enjoy.

here's wishing you instant inspiration whenever you may need it - we all do from time to time!!