Monday, October 22, 2007

pumpkins, corn mazes and little visitors...

we engaged in one of our favorite traditions on saturday....the pumpkin patch! this one had a really cool corn maze too - which took about an hour and a half to get out of! geesh! everyone was tired, thirsty and hot by the time we were done. here are the cherry family pumpins:
the two tiny ones are the prize for finding all the "clues" in the corn maze. a lot of work for two jack be littles!!

what do you do after all that work?? relax in a box 'o corn kernels, of course!
or........sit and ponder!

all in all it was a really fun day and lots of gorgeous color everywhere you looked! orange is fast becoming one of my favorite colors :) it's just such a happy color, no?

this was taken at the beginning of our corn maze quest. when everyone was happy, eager and ambitious! that faded quickly. :)

this week we have a visitor: hopkins the rabbit. he is noah's class pet and it is our job to care for him this week. i opened the pantry one night to discover hopkins sitting amoungst the peanut butter and pasta. i guess a stuffed rabbit has to eat too!

joyous monday to you!!

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