Monday, October 01, 2007

such high hopes...

i did indeed have, and i believe promise (at least to myself) consistency with this blog. i have failed to live up to that...again. but i'm no quitter, so i will strengthen my resolve to blog more. i think it will be easier in such an inspiring season. FALL!!! i love fall with every fiber of my being. it's just so glorious and fragrant. the smell of the earth turning over to a new season. pumpkins. pumpkin seeds - something i hate sharing with the rest of the family. i mean, after all, i do all the stinkin' work gutting the things. shouldn't i, and i alone get to enjoy the "fruits" of my labor? yes. i think definitely yes. selfish of me? yep. but i'm okay with that. actually i do share. i put aside a tiny bowl of them for the rest of the family. then, of course, there is halloween. a holiday completly and totally dedicated to candy! man, who's brain child was that because they are bloody brilliant in my book! furthermore you ask total strangers for it. you don't even need to provide it for yourself!! love it.

here is a picture of noah in breckenridge...i think in the beginning of sept. he totally sat on this bench and looked at me like that. i promise, no prompting from mom whatsoever.

the rest of the bunch are also from breck. just random art that is scattered throughout the town square. art for the masses. i appreciate that immensely and therefore want to capture it with my camera to enjoy as i please.

and then the random bits of words or phrases i come across here and there. these too become immortalized through my lens - if only for me to enjoy.

here's wishing you instant inspiration whenever you may need it - we all do from time to time!!

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