Friday, October 05, 2007

dog therapy

i think everyone should own at least one dog. they really do make the world a better place to live. they soothe a troubled soul, are always there, don't expect much (an occasional petting), and talk about unconditional!! they are all about unconditional lovin'! i always liked dogs, but until i had one of my own i never fully appreciated their value. i will always be a dog owner.
this big guy is just a big 'ol love. he nuzzles into you with his head that is easily the size of my three year old! a lot of people are afraid of him. i really don't get that. sure he is big, and i guess size could be intimidating, but just look at that face. not a mean expression to be found!! i just don't get it. saint bernards are rescue dogs by nature. he burrows these little "nests" in our backyard. it's annoying, but kind of cute too, because he sleeps in them. he did it a lot in the hot summer months. it just goes to prove that dogs will do what their instinct tells them to do.
so that is my plea for the world. if everyone would just own a dog there would be a lot less strife and contention!! :)

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