Thursday, October 25, 2007

pure joy...

this is my recent addition to my art journal - the larger version i am currently working on. it is a page about creating a balance and how it is something i constantly struggle with. i think that is true for most women, and particularly true for moms. we put so much pressure on ourselves to be everything for everyone. we often forget about ourselves. that is one of the reasons i scrapbook and do art journals. it gives me time for reflection and some personal growth. deep, huh? trust me, i'm not really that deep!! HA!!

today was noah's class halloween party. man, these are the days i will always look back on and smile - hugely! what a gift it was for me to experience this day with him. he is going to be a pirate for halloween. it's hard to tell from this picture. he has a skull cap that goes with his costume, but as he says "it's too tight", then he promptly rips it off his head. oh well, i tried.

this is his preschool class, including his adorable teacher, mrs. liz. she was a cowgirl today - so cute!! noah is the third one in from the left...squinting because of the blinding sunshine.

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