Wednesday, October 17, 2007

something new!

a diaper bag!!! a special request for my aunt who's granddaughter is coming into this world very soon. i am kind of in love with the way it turned out. she gave me VERY specific color, size and other instructions...which is why it is so lavender. i really hope it is what she had in mind.

the straps are longer than they appear in this picture.

lots of pockets for bottles, cell phone, other various baby items....

...and a diaper changing kit to go in the bag. for when you don't want to take the whole bag into the bathroom to change the baby. you have everything you need in one place!

here's a view of the inside. in the middle is a changing pad made of vinyl interior. easy to wipe up any they always occur!!

i've been really busy making more jewelry to put in my little booth. i've sold a few things which is a huge relief in and of itself. i was worried...i'm not a risk-taker. but it seems to be going well so far!

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Staceu said...

Wow Kim! This is GORGEOUS!! Love the purple!! great job girl!!!