Wednesday, February 08, 2006


if seeing this photo doesn't give a gal perspective, i don't know what would! i mean, seriously, how small are we in the grand scheme? all our problems, dramas, heck - daily's just so dang insignificant, when you really stop and think about it! of course we all make a difference and leave our mark. be it with our kids, jobs...whatever the quest, we do have an impact. i try my darndest, every single day, to be conscious of the impact i make. nothing, and i mean nothing, is worth letting yourself be pulled off center over! it's just not!! we have a limited time here to be great human beings, and pettyness just doesn't suit. (i write all this more for me than anyone else!!) so reaffirm the greatness that exists within you EVERY SINGLE DAY!! do this and good kharma, vibes, energy, whatever you want to call it, will pour over you like this wave.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Beachy feet...

I am obsessed with hands and feet! Such a cute way to chronicle the growth of your little ones. It took some doing to get them to sit still for this photo, and as you can see, my littlest (Noah) was done sitting still! I am trying out different camera angles, views, textures, etc. Trying to become a better photographer. I love taking pictures, but there are still a few things I have yet to figure out. Like shadows?? Good, and bad (mostly bad). Lighting. Color. Subject. I suppose I should take a class on photography, but who has time for that???
I'll just stumble my way through it!
Gotta love those yummy little toes!!!

Friday, February 03, 2006

welcome to fabulous las vegas!!!!!

had to put these babies up! we had so much fun during our vegas weekend. we're kind of dorks though because we just HAD to get a pic of the four of us in those fab hotel bathrobes. good thing we did too because it was the only pic of all four of us together!! good times! oh...guess i should explain who's in the pics: first is of me and my hubby. the fab four is: steve, terri, yours truly, hotty hubby!

hello out there!

so i am new to this whole blogging scene, but am quickly becoming hooked! it's amazing to me that some random person sitting who knows where, can captivate an infinity number of people with their simple musings (not that that is what i will accomplish...i'm just saying). i love to peek into others lives from their own helps me put perspective on my own life.
this all began for me when i delved a little deeper into the world of scrapbooking. yes, i too am totally, helplessly, unapologetically HOOKED!!! as cheesy as it sounds, it has changed my life, and this is why: i am in a constant state of awareness. things that were oh so ordinary before, have suddenly become worthy of not only a picture, but hours of my time scrapbooking that picture and making it artistic! feet... hands... everyday objects... heck, even food - all of it is insanely interesting to me! i can only describe it as an awakening. i have always considered myself creative and crafty, but this is way different. this, and i can't believe i'm going to spout off something this corny, is a way of life for me now!!!'s what i think about, or at least always lingering, in the back of my head. i will even go as far to say that it has enhanced my relationships. i pay more attention to the little details in the ones i love. the way they talk, eat, play, laugh. i want to chronicle all of it! i want to figure out a way to somehow attach my camera to my belt, jeans, purse, whatever...just so that it's always within reach. moments come and then they go...gone...poof... but there is a way to immortalize that moment in time, and this is what motivates me. i could go on forever (and kind of have) about the joys, nay.....the exhileration of my new-found passion....but for now i will get back to everyday life. =) i could get used to this blogging business!