Tuesday, October 19, 2010

eye-pleasing halloween printable

i came across this adorable printable, that, of course, i printed up straight away!!

if you want one from your home (natalie, you know you do - wink!) head on over to craftily ever after. she has some great things going on over there!

Monday, October 18, 2010

upcycled food jars into halloween cuteness

i love these spooky "lab" labels. i usually save all glass jars. the ones below are two kinds of applesauce and salsa.


rinse well.
peel off old labels.
paint lids with chalkboard paint (or paint of choice).
print off lab labels of choice (i googled said labels).
adhere with modge podge.
fill with labeled items. (if anyone needs werewolf fur i have a saint bernard who moonlights as a werewolf. he is always shedding.)

voila! nearly free Halloween decor......

i scored this AHmazing chair this weekend. although it looks like an antique, it's not. it's actually from a high-end design store. i bought it from a friend of a friend. it makes my heart swell and do little back-flips whenever i walk into our living room. eeee!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

things i'm loving right now

right now i'm all about:

fresh baked chocolate chip cookies

halloween decor

handmade halloween decor

mathilda the mummy
(i refuse to be the ONLY female in this house!)

mulled cider jar candle from wal-mart
(and at just $5.00 it smells even better)

organizing every corner of my house...
then appreciating the colorful results

family home evenings on monday nights
the boys look forward to them, which makes my heart smile

my church calling as young women's secretary -
and working on my personal progress

this quote,
which strengthens me when i'm feeling vulnerable

cracking open a nice cold beverage

it's all about the simple pleasures in life!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

family wall re-do & new jewelry creations...

i've been wanting to re-do our family photo wall for awhile. mainly to add ashton to it, but also to update our photos too, and go with a different look. this was inspired by pottery barn. i merged a few different grouping that i adored, and though it isn't totally finished, i love it!! i think my favorite part is the that the family proclaimation to the world is grouped with our pictures!

photo credit: all mine except picture of me taken by stephan

i moved my beloved cherry sign (done by the fabulous jandi) to the front hallway. it makes sense there.

and now to the jewelry....
i really love this first piece. i think it's a good juxtaposition of wood, crystals and color. it makes me happy when i look at it.

this piece is my new favorite. it's just so ME! pearly, bling in the form of rhinestones, chain, a few charms, and to soften it all up a creamy satin ribbon running through the chaos. the picture doesn't really do justice...it's better on.

this piece was sundance inspired. leather holding together pearls and glass bead strung on silk cording. beautiful and rugged at the same time.

this one if quite different from anything i've made. it's longer than i usually wear (maybe that's why i have yet to wear it). the jury is still out on this one. maybe it will end up being a christmas present. :)

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

inexcusably absent...but busily crafting nonetheless...

ok, so being a consistent blogger is NOT my strong point. i do sometimes lie in bed at night and mentally beat myself up over it (seriously...about a lot of things. guilt sucks). but despite the lack of communication i have been quite busy and bursting at the seams with inspiration!!

while my mom, sister, and her boyfriend mike were in town, mike and the boys built a half-pipe. it's crazy big, and totally sweet!

i've also been very domestic. i made a nice big batch of raspberry jam (with the help of jandi...thank you!!)

it turned out deeeliciously!!

i've been cranking out lots of jewelry (post on that to follow), and i made a happy birthday banner. something i have been wanting to do for quite some time. it will be a part of a new tradition i am starting in our home. the morning of your birthday, the birthday fairy will leave you one of your presents, some donuts, and this, the happiest of banners to greet you! fun, no.

again, more posts to come on other crafting/domestic endeavors. dear blog, my humble apologies for the neglect.