Wednesday, October 06, 2010

inexcusably absent...but busily crafting nonetheless...

ok, so being a consistent blogger is NOT my strong point. i do sometimes lie in bed at night and mentally beat myself up over it (seriously...about a lot of things. guilt sucks). but despite the lack of communication i have been quite busy and bursting at the seams with inspiration!!

while my mom, sister, and her boyfriend mike were in town, mike and the boys built a half-pipe. it's crazy big, and totally sweet!

i've also been very domestic. i made a nice big batch of raspberry jam (with the help of jandi...thank you!!)

it turned out deeeliciously!!

i've been cranking out lots of jewelry (post on that to follow), and i made a happy birthday banner. something i have been wanting to do for quite some time. it will be a part of a new tradition i am starting in our home. the morning of your birthday, the birthday fairy will leave you one of your presents, some donuts, and this, the happiest of banners to greet you! fun, no.

again, more posts to come on other crafting/domestic endeavors. dear blog, my humble apologies for the neglect.


Natalie said...

awesome to see a post from you! the banner turned out great and that jam looks SO good. and hey - I HAVE THAT SAME DLAND SHIRT! so awesome!

Chris and Ruth said...

That jam looks delicious, I think the next time I make jam it should be raspberry. Cute birthday banner.

Jandi said...

LOVE it! All of it: the ramp, so "dope", the jewelry, "fabulous" and the craftiness. Oh, it just oozes out of you. I am so jealous!!