Thursday, July 29, 2010


i am always so inspired when i step into the dreamy retail mecca that is anthropologie. who isn't? it's such a perfect marriage of vintage and timeless style...with a bit of parisian flair for good measure.
my recent projects reflect my total adoration of anthro-style....

i altered one of my favorite sweaters with some lace found at a local thrift shop:

yes, i'm still on the handmade flower kick. so i made a necklace that miss jane austen herself might wear to a fabulous ball:

this is what it looks like on - sort of -

and some more flowers... (the white one is HUGE and glorious!! can't wait to wear it)

thanks for peeking in.


Family Valois said...

oh my gosh, beautiful! I can totally see you wearing this.

Let me ask you what you think of my updated blog. I made it bigger, and put one of my pics as my header, as I do NOT know how to use all the photoshop I have! I am trying to make it better!

Don'tcha think you want to teach me awesome photo editing skills!!!

Chris and Ruth said...

These are very nice.

Natalie said...