Monday, May 25, 2009

2009 Bolder Boulder 10K

a runner.

my stats for the bolder boulder:
prior training....none.
my want of conquering something i am afraid of...very big.
10k (or 6.something miles).....done!
time...1 hour, 30 minutes.
i ran this with stephan. he was amaaaazing. he had absolutely NO training (i have run once or twice in the past couple weeks). but he blew me away. he took off, and i am pretty sure was held back just a little by me. he would run ahead, but not too far ahead. there was a record-breaking crowd of 56,000 participants. one could easily lose your running buddy in such a sea 'o runners. but he stayed close enough not to lose sight of me. he pushed me when i needed it. gave me room to walk and listen to my body when i needed to. motivated me every step of the way. one could not ask for a better running companion. thank you sweet husband!
i am sore. my knees feel like bags of crunched up potato chips. my arse is sore too.
it's good.
it's all good.

halfway through the race i had a moment of complete clarity. a moment that makes one want to drop to their knees and breathe in every scent that surrounds. i was absolutely living my life on purpose, in that moment, and conscious of my every last blessing!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

evolution of a garden...

we have talked about having a garden for quite some time. this year, in the middle of wide-spread economic down-fall, seemed like a good time to make good on all our talk.

a garden seems like such a simple undertaking. to me, the wide-eyed, the garden-illiterate. i do okay with houseplants so i figured, what could be so different? ha! A LOT!

enter the internet-reading, research-doing husband. he rides in on a gas powered tiller to save the day. or, put some home-grown veggies on our table.

step 1)
do a little math and figure out how much space to carve out for your garden.
clear it.
rake it.
prep it. (and when i say prepping, i mean add cow poop/manure, and other such nutrients)

step 2)
shovel all that beautiful compost you've worked on through the year into wheel barrow.
comment on the coolness of turning your organic waste into compost. several times.

step 3)
continue to marvel at the compost. it's just so dang cool!!!

i mean, look...a soybean shell. staring up at me.
ah, that soybean and i had some good times!
it will continue to serve me well.

step 4)
till some more.
till 'til you can't till anymore. working it all in is apparently very important.
(notice the smile on stephan's face. it's rewarding even at this early stage!)
step 6)
build rabbit, dog, kid proof gate. (not pictured, but soon to be added)
the rest of the steps are soon to come. that's as far as we've gotten.
planting will happen tomorrow.

Monday, May 04, 2009

garden of the gods

we had fun.
just taking a few pics.
hanging out together.
me and him.
doing what we do best.
being..... together!

this guy was rocking the side of this rock!

and this guy was rocking the side of this rock!! :)

photo credit: stephan
he captured this image of me looking lovingly at a cute dog.
he said this is me. totally me.

i am obsessed with tree branches these days. don't ask.



rough, rugged, untamed beauty.