Tuesday, May 19, 2009

evolution of a garden...

we have talked about having a garden for quite some time. this year, in the middle of wide-spread economic down-fall, seemed like a good time to make good on all our talk.

a garden seems like such a simple undertaking. to me, the wide-eyed, the garden-illiterate. i do okay with houseplants so i figured, what could be so different? ha! A LOT!

enter the internet-reading, research-doing husband. he rides in on a gas powered tiller to save the day. or, put some home-grown veggies on our table.

step 1)
do a little math and figure out how much space to carve out for your garden.
clear it.
rake it.
prep it. (and when i say prepping, i mean add cow poop/manure, and other such nutrients)

step 2)
shovel all that beautiful compost you've worked on through the year into wheel barrow.
comment on the coolness of turning your organic waste into compost. several times.

step 3)
continue to marvel at the compost. it's just so dang cool!!!

i mean, look...a soybean shell. staring up at me.
ah, that soybean and i had some good times!
it will continue to serve me well.

step 4)
till some more.
till 'til you can't till anymore. working it all in is apparently very important.
(notice the smile on stephan's face. it's rewarding even at this early stage!)
step 6)
build rabbit, dog, kid proof gate. (not pictured, but soon to be added)
the rest of the steps are soon to come. that's as far as we've gotten.
planting will happen tomorrow.


Olivia said...

black gold, baby! Your compost looks great. Good job. good luck with the planting, etc. this post has inspired me to do a post or two about our veggie garden. things are growing, so I guess we're doing something right?

Natalie* said...

so exciting - can't wait to see (and taste!) the "fruits of your labors". love that happy face on your Stephan as he tills that earth.

Jandi said...

Great work. A garden can be so fun and rewarding. (and lots of work!)

kim said...

Great garden! I am excited to see what you are able to grow!