Monday, October 18, 2010

upcycled food jars into halloween cuteness

i love these spooky "lab" labels. i usually save all glass jars. the ones below are two kinds of applesauce and salsa.


rinse well.
peel off old labels.
paint lids with chalkboard paint (or paint of choice).
print off lab labels of choice (i googled said labels).
adhere with modge podge.
fill with labeled items. (if anyone needs werewolf fur i have a saint bernard who moonlights as a werewolf. he is always shedding.)

voila! nearly free Halloween decor......

i scored this AHmazing chair this weekend. although it looks like an antique, it's not. it's actually from a high-end design store. i bought it from a friend of a friend. it makes my heart swell and do little back-flips whenever i walk into our living room. eeee!!


Jandi said...

Love those jars! What a great chair. Can't wait to sit in it...

Natalie said...

that chair is perfect.
and i love the jar we won at your halloween party last year. the orange slices have been devoured long ago, so it is now filled with candy corns and lives on my festive halloween mantle.

kim said...

Love the jars! Your decorations for Halloween this year are great!

Stacey said...

Those jars are awesome!!! I think Macavity could fill up a few of those also! lol
those labels totally rock!