Wednesday, February 08, 2006


if seeing this photo doesn't give a gal perspective, i don't know what would! i mean, seriously, how small are we in the grand scheme? all our problems, dramas, heck - daily's just so dang insignificant, when you really stop and think about it! of course we all make a difference and leave our mark. be it with our kids, jobs...whatever the quest, we do have an impact. i try my darndest, every single day, to be conscious of the impact i make. nothing, and i mean nothing, is worth letting yourself be pulled off center over! it's just not!! we have a limited time here to be great human beings, and pettyness just doesn't suit. (i write all this more for me than anyone else!!) so reaffirm the greatness that exists within you EVERY SINGLE DAY!! do this and good kharma, vibes, energy, whatever you want to call it, will pour over you like this wave.

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