Tuesday, March 16, 2010


it has become necessary for me to separate my personal life from this blog and start a separate family blog, which will be private. it makes me sad to have to do this, it is something i never wanted. i won't go into the specific reason for my decision, i will only say that there are some very sad and small people in this world with nothing better to do than follow my blog for less than honorable reasons.
this blog will continue to be public but will only have my artistic pursuits...nothing about my family life.
if i haven't already invited you to view my family blog, please email me at:
kimcherrycalifornia@yahoo dot com.


Natalie* said...

sorry that it's come to this, but i think you've made the right choice - for both you and your family. and privatization of blogs isn't that bad - i love it! :D

Family Valois said...

That is too bad. But you know, I wonder if I should do the same. I don't know that I should have my family pics just out there???

Hope everything is ok!


If SHE can figure it out.......... said...

I was just blog-hopping and stumbled upon yours! Your boys are adorable and that little guy is so sweet. They grow up so fast!!