Monday, March 01, 2010

card carrying member of team APPLE!!

hi. i'm kim and i am now a proud member of team apple!
friday night i made a very important, and long-awaited purchase...a MacBook Pro.
15 inch screen, sleek brushed silver finish, a delightful new computer smell that puts roses to shame. ahh. it's simply divine.
i am in love.
computer love.
and that, for me, is big!

i also got some sweet software the form of CS4 and Aperture.
this photographer can't stop smiling and cooing over my wicked awesome set-up!
thanks steph...for believing in me THIS much!!


Family Valois said...

Welcome to the Mac club!

Natalie* said...

finally, you have the tools that match the talent - SO happy for you!

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