Wednesday, September 27, 2006

6 months later...

6 months later i am:

a stay-at-home mommy again
still loving taking pictures of - everything!
scrapbooking like a mad woman
still madly in love with my husband and kids
a runner ;)
still happily having many adventures
somewhat weathered
thankful, blessed, and living amoungst lovliness!!!!!

i decided i needed to start blogging again...mostly for me. writing is such an intrigal part of me, that i definitely notice a difference when i'm not doing it. plus it's a good way to keep friends and family updated on my day-day excitement! i do live a very exciting life. lemme see, on a daily basis i....referee many a heated battle of dueling siblings, navigate the psyche of a complex two year old, creatively divise ways to disguise food as something absolutely irresistable for a two-year old palate, delve into the fast-pace world of 3rd and 4th grade studies (you think i'm kidding? i'm NOT), stay on top of 5 different calendars...we are incredibly busy! Scouts, Young Womens, school work, school activities, meetings, and, of course many adventures in between. whew. life. gotta love it, and it just so happens that i do!
so, stay tuned for lots more excitement. :)

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Terri said...

Hey! Great that you're writing again; love to read your blogs!