Monday, January 16, 2012

instagram daily photo: days 13,14,15 & 16

i have a little bit of catching up to do. i have been taking daily photos, here are the past few days:

day 13: in your bag

i had to empty the contents and take a few up-close shots. i think this is such a great way to document where you are in life!!
this shot is a good view of everything in that big bag of mine -
2 pair of sunglasses (a girl needs options)
green leather bag of lots of lipgloss and chapstick
white canvas bag of various necessities
small notebook
thumb drive
small floral bag containing various pens
half eaten peppermint bark (my rule: have chocolate on me at all times!)
small camera
feminine hygiene necessities
cell phone (not pictured but never without)

i ALWAYS have a notebook on me. all the time! i am constantly finding inspiration in the darndest places. i am also very visual, so writing and drawing as inspiration strikes is just part of who i am. i carry my thumb drive because often i have pictures, illustrations, graphics that i want to print at the office supple store.

there are few things more frustrating in life than being ill-prepared. i am never without lipgloss, aspirin, lotion, band aids, or my handy tide stick.

day 14: something i'm reading
everyday i read my scriptures. but aside from that, i am currently reading a few other books.
to the rescue the biography of thomas s. monson by heidi s. swinton
the promise of discipleship by neil a. maxwell
a mothers book of secrets: keys to making motherhood memorable, meaningful and magnificent by: linda j. eyre & shawni eyre pothier

day 15: happiness

my kids are such a big part of my happiness. although my happiness isn't quite complete because kyle isn't here. i miss him!!

day 16: morning
typically i enjoy a beverage, oatmeal and the today show each morning (in between getting kids off to school and keeping ashton corralled).

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Jandi said...

Love the "in your bag" shots. I should do that one just to remember how CRAZY I am with the things I constantly lug around.