Friday, January 06, 2012

images of our home and instagram daily - day 6

day 6: makes you smile
this is the remnants of ben and stephans snow fort, with our tree stuck in the middle. ghetto? yes. funny and smile-worthy? absolutely!

now that our christmas stuff is down and put away, and my home is back to normal, i thought i would post some of the views i see daily.

main photo wall, with new texas star and number 6

this star represents my son kyle, who is currently living in texas with his dad and family there.

6 is the number of members of our happy family

above my fireplace

one of my passions is reading. another is travel. i've yet to go to europe, but I WILL. oh yes, i will.

i found these copies of the count of monte cristo at a bookshop in boulder (to be featured on my favorite places and spaces segment at a future date)

this sitting area makes me so happy! it's super cozy at night when lit with the industrial-style lamp.

these coat pegs won't always be home to such tiny coats. had to capture it.

spices above my stove. and a sweet little vintage note holder from natalie

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