Wednesday, January 04, 2012

favorite places and spaces: union station, denver and instagram daily challenge

day four: letterbox

i am starting a new segment on my blog in which i will be featuring some of my favorite places and spaces.
to start off i want to talk about a place that is straight out of 1880 (that is the exact year it was built). union station in denver. it is truly gorgeous both inside and out. i took these photos and edited a few of them to give them more of a nostalgic feel.

i did the best i could with horrible lighting (we went at night and the inside is very poorly lit) and setting my camera up on an adjacent pew with the timer.

would love to do a full-fledged photo shoot the daytime with the beautiful lighting that i'm sure floods the inside during the day.


Ruth said...

I don't think I have ever been there, but it looks like it would be a fun location for a photo shoot.

Natalie said...

brilliant - you must do a shoot there my dear - you would do the location such justice!

Jandi said...

I definitely need to go there. soon. love your photos. You and stephen need to have some old school clothes on and then that last one would look like it was taken 100 years ago...