Sunday, January 03, 2010

a few recent projects

i have a couple blog posts that need posting, but i just wanted to show a few fun projects i've done recently first.

leave it to my clever friend natalie to find some fabulous things to make. i credit her for finding the instructions for the crocheted headband. i love how it turned out, and have already made them in a few different colors.

then we come to this fluffy scarf. natalie also found the instructions for it, and helped me make this one. go here for complete instructions.
i love this scarf, and so did my mom. so i gifted this one to her before she left. i will be promptly replacing it with one of my own! :)


Natalie* said...

oh the ruffles and flowers and craftiness of it all! you are the crafting queen, my dear, so it's only appropriate that i send everything fabulous on to you. after all, it always ends up paying off for me in the end, too...not that that is the only reason i share, you understand. :D
miss you - so glad all our company has come and gone and we can get back together again before ashton makes is entrance!

Jandi said...

I just love how you find it, see it, and then whip out 20. You are so talented! Really! If only you could pass a little bit of that skill on to muah...

Stacey said...

Wow! I don't know where you find the time! You must be WAY better with time management than me! Between the kids homework, work and the house I can't seem to find any time to do what I want to do! ((Jealous here))